Jay-Z Slams Donald Trump on BBC 1 as ‘Joke’ President

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Jay-Z Slams Donald Trump on BBC 1 as ‘Joke’ President

America rapper, Shawn Carter popularly known as Jay-Z, has slammed the Donald Trump administration in an interview which he granted to BBC Radio 1.

Jay-Z aired his political views on the current administration of President Trump, calling it a joke that needs a lot of resilience from the blacks to survive it.

The Music star who has become more vocal after the release of his 4.44 album, which was a major hit, gave an insight to the dangers associated with an oppressed individual.

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He said ; “I believe that we are resilient, especially us as black people and especially the culture. We’ve been through so much more than this guy,” Jay-Z said. “This guy, I’m looking at him like, man, this is a joke, with all — I can’t even say with all due respect — with all disrespect.”

“Until everyone is free, no one is free,” he said. “Period. That’s just a fact. We are all linked some kind of way. So if you oppress a certain people, everyone is in danger, karmically and in real life. If I’m being oppressed and you have this big, nice mansion, I’m coming inside there. That’s gonna happen, that’s just how life is.”

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